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Tailed Beast Transfer Technique IxCAs2G
Naruto Age of the Past
Tailed Beast Transfer Technique IxCAs2G
Naruto Age of the Past
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Naruto Age of the Past

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 Tailed Beast Transfer Technique

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Tailed Beast Transfer Technique Empty
PostSubject: Tailed Beast Transfer Technique   Tailed Beast Transfer Technique EmptyThu Jun 04, 2015 12:29 pm

Name: Tailed Beast Transfer Technique

Tailed Beast Transfer Technique 9k=

What it does:

This technique allows one person to transfer the complete chakra of a sealed tailed beast within a jinchūriki into a different person. This technique happens at SS speed as the Bijuu is transfered to the person the Jinchuuriki touches. V1 cloak tails would appear on the stomach of the person the Jinchuuriki is transferring the bijuu to so that other people would no. This costs SS rank amount of chakra. The jinchuuriki can not reverse this to unseal a bijuu

Wordcount: free to all jinchuuriki
Chakra Cost: SS
Bonus Requirements: Must be a Jinchuuriki

Backstory: How it was made/discovered.
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Tailed Beast Transfer Technique
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