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NPC Battling LW Rules IxCAs2G
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NPC Battling LW Rules IxCAs2G
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 NPC Battling LW Rules

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NPC Battling LW Rules Empty
PostSubject: NPC Battling LW Rules   NPC Battling LW Rules EmptySun May 03, 2015 3:15 pm

Some people may be wondering, "Hey I want to battle an NPC to get my LW, how do I go about doing this?" Well have I got great news for you, I will tell you how to do it. It is very simple, this is for both the NPC player and the actual player. Simple steps that should be taken in order to set it up. First step, make your LW.

Yes making an LW is the first step to battling an LW, be sure to follow the rules when making the LW, this is standard so if you have already done that lets just skip past this rule and move on to the second one, which is the challenge.

When you challenge the NPC you can do so in two specific ways. Simply post in the topic that you made or someone else made in an LW topic that was approved and say something along the lines of "I challenge [insert NPC wielder here}" An admin or mod will approve of it and you will have your battle. Another way is to post here Attention Legendary Event, you post the link of the LW you are fighting for and then an Admin or mod will approve it and you have your battle. Next up is deciding on moves.

Abilities and jutsu will be decided by both the NPC and the Challenger. These jutsu will be equally agreed upon. The count of which will be a total of 10 moves will be allowed, rank again must be agreed upon. After this, making the topic is next.

The topic you make for your battle must be made by you. The title of the topic should be along the lines of "{your name here} Challenges {LW Wielder here} for {LW here}" The layout for the topic should look a little something like this.

Your Stats:[spoiler]Your stats from your statistics page copy and pasted here[/spoiler]

LW Challenge For:Link here

Brief description of at least 300WC

This part is now for the NPC. The NPC now has to respond in the same format.

NPC Stats:[spoiler]NPC stats of which is dependent on the power of the LW wielder, this will be made by the staff[/spoiler]

Jutsu/Abilities:This is where the NPC lists the Jutsu and abilities they are allowed to have.

Response back to the description challenger made at least 300WC.

Now then in order to win the LW you must drain the NPC of their chakra completely, have them give up, or kill them. All three have to be made to look legit or it will be denied. Make sure when you battle you keep track of your chakra and other things like health. If your chakra is gone, you loose. If your health is gone, you die. Be cautious, and remember have fun!

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NPC Battling LW Rules
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