Naruto Age of the Past
LW Fight against the Sage IxCAs2G
Naruto Age of the Past
LW Fight against the Sage IxCAs2G
Naruto Age of the Past
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Naruto Age of the Past

Join Naruto Age of the Past where you travel back in time before the legendary Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju were even born. This is the forum to go to.
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 LW Fight against the Sage

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LW Fight against the Sage Empty
PostSubject: LW Fight against the Sage   LW Fight against the Sage EmptyFri Apr 03, 2015 10:39 pm

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Weapons I am fighting for:

Pain had just went asleep it seemed that he had drifted off faster than he ever did before like his dreams were calling to him. He knew exactly what this feeling was he was going to that dream where he fought the Uchiha the Snake man and the other man who he could not remember. The man who had teleported him kept playing with his mind he hated being manipulated. Pain saw where he was there was a very large ocean to his left with rocky mountains to his right and in from of him was a place where several lighting clouds were.
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LW Fight against the Sage
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